Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Think Big, Start Small

This is my second post in the series where I will go through a real life MDM (Master Data Management) implementation. The problem at hand and in fact generic to all MDM implementations is the presence of multiple operational and transactional systems. In this case however, it gets worse. As the cases progress from one system to another they are manually entered in the next system in the chain and hence all the problems. In our case there are four systems in all, w, x, y and z. Cases progress from w through z in that order. In each system cases are entered manually and these systems are as distinct and disconnected from each other as North and South Pole.

When starting any MDM initiative in such scenarios it would be tempting to put all the systems in project scope. But, that would have disaster written all over it. It is heartening to know that scope of this phase of MDM implementation has been scaled down to system y. This also doesn't mean that our vision would get so narrow that we would not even look at other systems. The right balance is to start the implementation from one system but the design should be flexible enough to accommodate remaining systems in coming phases.

Right now we are looking at data elements that are going to be part of the Gold Copy in this phase. In addition to that we are looking at data elements from other systems, so that we keep them in the back of our mind when we are working on the design and model.

Of all the problems in Enterprise Information Management MDM is one where taking it one piece at a time would be highly beneficial and effective.

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The latest #BigData #Analytics Daily! https://t.co/IvIGAevVLn Thanks to @mauriciogarciar @hivemaster @EnvironicsA #bigdata #analytics Source...