Friday, October 12, 2012

A Framework for Understanding the Big Data Revolution

We are in the midst of big data revolution that holds significant potential in disrupting most of the industries and sectors. The 3Vs of big data have been touted many times at conferences and in journals, blogs, and periodicals. There are some early adopters and winners mostly in the Internet industry who have been successful in leveraging the big data for tangible top- and bottom-line growth. Apart from these elite few, most organizations are still in their big data infancy. There are multiple challenges that must be addressed before big data analytics goes mainstream.

The big data boom has spawned a variety of technology companies eager to help realize the dream. The existing incumbents have bolstered their product portfolio and revamped their marketing machine around big data. There are also quite a few "disruptors" who have emerged using open source frameworks and/or as spin offs from big Internet companies. The current buzz about big data has led to a plethora of vendors, each one claiming their technology to be the best at lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).
With all these tools at your disposal, you might think it is easy to get started with your first project. The reality, however, is that most people still find it difficult to start a big data analytics project.

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The latest #BigData #Analytics Daily! Thanks to @mauriciogarciar @hivemaster @EnvironicsA #bigdata #analytics

The latest #BigData #Analytics Daily! Thanks to @mauriciogarciar @hivemaster @EnvironicsA #bigdata #analytics Source...