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Master Data Management - Some Useful Links

Managing master data, part one

Master-data management – managing key sets of data centrally instead of in application silos – is becoming a element of information management. But where to begin?
By Mike Fleckenstein

Hit the Ground Running with Operational MDM

By focusing on an operational master data management (MDM) approach, one can achieve 80 percent of the value of a traditional MDM implementation with only 20 percent of the effort. The next generation of data integration and master data management tools will accomplish this by providing a virtual MDM registry via inline data services.

MDM is Not Enough - Semantic Enterprise is Needed

This article introduces the concept of semantic enterprise and outlines a connection between semantic enterprise and master data management (MDM) concepts. The article also shows that successful transitioning to semantic enterprise requires significant improvements in enterprise metadata and especially in business metadata management. It explains the i…

Upcoming Webcasts - 2008-03-10

Back to Business: How Business Modeling Rationalizes Data Warehousing "A new alternative to the data-centric approach is a model-driven approach using a business model-driven architecture. Hear Neil Raden and Cliff Longman explain how this new way of thinking has proven highly effective in delivering useful results to the business in a short period of time."Real-Time Information On Demand "The ability to capture and deliver accurate, trusted data to the right people at the right time can be a significant competitive advantage for enterprises looking to streamline their business processes and improve customer service."Best Practices for Deploying Collaborative BI "Best practices and key issues surrounding collaborative BI."