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Yuvraj preferred to Kaif for Test squad

Cricinfo Staff writes "In a minor surprise, Yuvraj Singh was included ahead of Mohammad Kaif in the 14-member Indian squad for the first Test against Pakistan". I think whatever our esteemed selectors do should never come as a surprize. It's ridiculous and laughable the way selectors, time and again, pick players based on theories that they devise and rest aside the performances that have been put by the players. Mohinder was right then and he is right today in saying "The national selectors are a bunch of jokers!". He perfectly mirrored the immense frustration of millions of fans of Indian cricket - fans who were tired of the politics of selection, the procession of players picked and dropped for reasons patently non-cricketing.

Knowledge Technologies - Knowlogies

Knowledge Management is an emerging discipline that promises to capitalize on organizations’ intellectual capital. The concept of knowledge is far from new and phrases containing the word knowledge such as “knowledge bases” and “knowledge engineering” have been around for a while. The artificial intelligence (AI) community has, for example, long dealt with representation, storage, and application of knowledge. The concept of Knowledge Management (KM) emerged in the mid-1980’s from the need to derive knowledge from the “deluge of information”. In the 1990’s KM was translated into commercial computer technology, facilitated by new technologies such as Internet, group support systems, search engines, portals, and data and knowledge warehouses as well as the application of statistical analysis and AI techniques. According to various research “80 percent of the largest global corporations now have KM projects”. “Over 40 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies now have a Chief Knowledge Offic…